This is a non-profit civic hacking project, entirely organized and directed by volunteers. It has been created to share useful and verified information in support of people of Ukraine undergoing a military attack by Russia since February 2022.

The aim of the project is to collect, verify, aggregate and disseminate useful information for Ukrainian people in difficulty due to the war, especially for those that have been forced to leave their country.

The platform gathers help requests and different kinds of reports, from solidarity initiatives to support services and assistance for refugees, from collections of basic goods to hospitality and transport opportunities. In addition the platform gathers institutional information, fundraising initiatives (only if they finance civil initiatives and not war operations or purchase of military supplies) and warning on fake news or false solidarity actions (e.g. scams against refugees, false fundraising, etc.).

The project does not intend in any way to replace institutional sources of information and support.

The project is aimed towards all the people who are concerned about what is happening in Ukraine and who want to get active (even from home), in a peaceful and supportive way, to give a hand to the Ukrainian people.

Here the official first press of the project.


Every software component we develop is released under an Open Source license that allows reuse and promotes its development publicly.

All data we collect and produce is published and kept up-to-date as Open Data.

The whole infrastructure is re-usable by organizations, associations, informal groups and even governments and public administrations in order to inform and promote citizen participation to respond to an emergency of any kind and in any part of Europe and the world.

The project is described through our wiki.

The idea and a good part of the project comes from the EmergenzeHack civic hacker group, the same team that developed in 2016 the project and in 2020


Tecnologies Reused